What makes a guest book a hotel room?

25 July 2018

A hotel website is a crucial sales and marketing tool. The website design and the amount of thought given to promotion strategy determines the level of traffic, and whether visitors will have sufficient incentive to click the “Book Now” button. The booking form is the last stage of the online booking cycle, and the ... read more

LoyalGuest.com Welcomes Jamie's Italian Kuta Beach

11 June 2018

Jamie's Italian Kuta Beach in Bali is the newest member of the LoyalGuest.com family. As a LoyalGuest.com partner, Jamie's Italian Kuta Beach is pleased to grant special privileges to LoyalGuest.com members.read more

BALI BIRD PARK now is the part of LoyalGuest.com family!!

8 May 2018

Featuring a large and spectacular collection of birds, the Bali Bird Park boasts more than 1,000 birds of about 250 different species –– including hornbills, scarlet macaws, cassowaries, peacocks, and various birds of prey—housed in more than 60 walk-in aviaries at this park.read more

The Importance Of Remarketing

May 2018

The vast majority of visitors to an e-commerce website leave without “converting”, the industry term for engaging with the website to make a purchase, request more information, or take some other desired action. read more

Offer Experiences, Not Things

February 2018

Money cannot buy happiness, but money, if wisely spent, can buy things that contribute to making us happy. The most important, of course, are food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare. But after these basic needs are met, how best to allocate money, which is (for most of us) a limited resource, in the pursuit of ...read more

Siam Paragon

January 2018

Let's celebrate 2018 by welcoming Siam Paragon to the LoyalGuest Family! read more

Using Loyalty and Cross Marketing to Drive Direct Bookings

December 2017

Direct sales through your own website gives you significant competitive advantages over selling through third-party channels. For example, your own website can be used as a platform to mount proprietary marketing tools such as customer-loyalty programs and cross-marketing campaigns, two highly effective methods to drive direct bookings. read more

Encouraging Direct Booking

June 2017

In early 2000, the introduction of online hotel booking greatly facilitated making reservations directly with hotels, bypassing travel agents and other middle men. Now,the early promise of greater yields with online direct booking has seen a sharp drop as third-party online booking services attract consumer ... read more

Loyalty Program Can Leverage Current Hotel Booking Trends

March 2017

In the current marketing climate, many independent and smaller hotels are struggling to compete with major hotel chains or with OTA to attract online bookings and grow their occupancy rates. But few hoteliers are aware that loyalty programs. read more