4 Things Traveler Rarely Knows To Maximising Vacation Days

Travelling is indeed tiring. No wonder when you arrived in hotel you probably want to hurry and go to your room. Clean yourself, enjoy the soft and clean bed while seeing a picturesque scenery from the window. However, there are few things that could maximize your stay at the hotel.

Early Check-In/ Late Check Out

Have you ever got a flight which arrived in the morning? You have 2 hours before check in time at 2PM but it’s difficult to go around and bring the luggage. Actually many hotels has more flexible check-in/check-out time. When you know that you might arrive early you can tell the receptionist in advance, so they can prepare about it. You can also request the late check-out too to receptionist. Make sure you do it politely to get a yes.

Arrange Your Luggage

It sounds trivial, indeed. You probably think that it’s wasting time to re-arrange your things in hotel room. However when you arrange your belonging on its place, the easier you can find them. It will save your time when you need to use certain clothes you prepare to go to certain place on your destination. Also your clothes will stay neat. Say bye to crumpled clothes!

Give your contact information

Do you want extra information about promotion, discount, or an exclusive package? How do people on social media know about it? Simply just by leave your email or phone number when you check in. Hotel will keep your information. Next time they have new promotion, you’re going to be the first one to know!

Extra Rewards

You might have known already about the facilities in hotel you booked; swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, bar, kids club and others. However, what if you can get more than what you knew already? Free muffin at nearby coffee shop perhaps? Or discount at the zoo in the destination? Or perhaps, a special price to rafting for hotel guest? Well, you can get them all including hotel promotion and even free stay at hotel on your pick just by sign up through LoyalGuest. Join now, it’s free!

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