How to Spend Less When Traveling but Get More?

Who doesn't want to spend less money and travel comfortably? Although you might have already prepared enough money, however traveling will be more enjoyable if you can get discounts and other economic benefits.

Indeed traveling can be expensive sometimes. However with the right strategy, you can cut off some costs. There are many travellers who go travelling by spending only a little money or even for free! Let’s try the following tips so you can save more on your trip cost.

Select Free Activities

In every place, there must be many tourist attractions that do not charge any fee or are free. For example, you can view a calendar of local tourist events to see cultural carnival on the street or take a walking tour of the old town. Several local museums often hold promotions or discounted entrance tickets at special events.

The Right Accommodations

This strategy is done by many travellers to save on traveling costs. Choose a room with amenities such as a refrigerator or microwave. In fact, there are also travellers who rent lodging with a shared kitchen. With these type of accommodations, you can heat leftovers or cook your own meal. So, the cost of your meal will be much more efficient than having to eat at restaurants or buy at shops.

Shopping at traditional markets / local markets

Regardless of the destination, traditional markets are ideal places for shopping. Whether it's groceries, souvenirs, clothes, snacks, and so on. At the local market, you can not only find items at bargain prices, but you can also find hidden local specialties. A brilliant idea that can be tried is to buy vegetables or fish, then cook it yourself at the inn with the kitchen facilities earlier.

Accommodation with Strategic Location

Before traveling, try to double check the location of the hotel or place to stay. Is it in the city centre? Or near a bus stop? Is it passed by public transportation? This is important, considering that as a traveller you might want to explore many places in an efficient manner.
If necessary, choose a hotel or place to stay in the city centre. So, you can walk to access various tourist attractions and public facilities without the hassle of paying for taxis/public transportation.

Join Loyalty Program

Want a discount or room upgrade at a well-known hotel chain? If so, then you need to immediately join the platform. When traveling, you can choose hotels affiliated with the platform and get various attractive benefits.

Moreover, for business travellers who frequently travel to various cities or abroad since hotel partners are spread in many cities and countries. Make sure to join as a membership at So, members will get reward points that can be exchanged for products or services as needed at the hotel where they stay. Starting from discounts / discounts, room upgrade services, spa / fitness services, and many more.

Be a part of and book your favourite hotel according to your preference to get more reward points, extra gifts / merchandise, and the most competitive room rates. Let’s join the membership now and get the benefits for the next vacation!

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