Fun and Safe! 4 Ideas for Successful Staycation

Getting bored at home? Staying in a hotel (staycation) perhaps could refresh yourself after several months of self-isolation at home, considering that going on trip abroad is difficult.
So, here are some of things that you can enjoy during your staycation.

Relax or swim at the swimming pool

Feel cramped since you’re only sit or sleep? Perhaps you can finally relax in the hotel by read books or listen to s music while sunbathing by the pool during your staycation. The sound of water, the warmth of the sun and natural cool breeze will help you relax more. Or you can put on your swim suit and enjoy the cool water whenever you want. Not only help you to feel relax, swimming can also increases endurance and strengthens joints.

Choose room service

When was the last time you pampered yourself by the food prepared by professional Chef? During the pandemic, many hotels maximize their room service. You can enjoy the delicious menu offered by the hotel in your own room. Just choose the food that you like from the menu and call them. You can eat your food casually while watching various channels offered by hotel.

Enjoy the in room massage

The common main issue for everyone who work from home is body stiffness. That’s because people move less than usual at home. However, you can get rid of it all by enjoying spa services at the hotel. Make sure the hotel you choose provides these facilities. Massage and body scrubs can be enjoyed safely because the hotel implements health protocols for mutual comfort. Massage is one of the best way to make refresh and recharge yourself!

Photo hunting

Scrolling at social media but have no pictures to upload? For those who like to take pictures or selfie, this activity can be done during staycation. Take advantage of unique details or angles in the bedroom, lobby or hotel garden for great results. Don’t forget to bring a lot of clothes so you have many stocks of pictures to upload! Adjust your clothes with the hotel architectural theme also can maximized the photo result..

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