Travel With Exclusive Privileges is a membership program designed to help you get the most from your travel experiences. We are affiliated with hundreds of hotels and merchants around the world who grant special privileges to members.

With you can :

Enjoy Price Privileges

Earn Free Room Nights

Increase Your Holiday Fun


As a member, you will be eligible for numerous benefits designed
to save your money and enhance your travel experience

Price Privilege

From the moment you join, will give you the best rates. automatic monitoring of rates and packages will ensure you always get the best deal.

Stay Free

Every room night at a participated hotel will earn you reward points. These can be redeemed at any time at any other participated hotel for free room nights. Automatic, online record keeping of member points ensures rapid and easy redemption.

Enjoy Special Offers and Privileges from Partners

We are affiliated with hundreds of hotels and merchants such as stores, restaurants, and tourist attractions worldwide. All hotels and merchants are ready to welcome you and offer special privileges.

Priority notification of Any Promotions

As a member you will be the first to be informed when participated hotels and merchants launch special rates and promotions. You are also on the pre-sale list.

Travel Tips

Use our mobile apps and start planning a memorable holiday with exciting activities. Our user friendly apps will provide e-coupons and information on local attraction and places of interests.

Enhance Your Holiday Fun members receive exclusive e-coupons for use at each destination. These coupons and discounts lead members to the best of local attractions, restaurants, and retail outlets, enriching your travel experience