Get Free Upgrade Room at Hotel? Why not?

Staying in a hotel is always an exciting experience. The facilities, service, room, design, building architecture, friendly hotel staffs, and so many other things that always make us miss another stay in a hotel. However not so many people know that actually you can also get a free upgrade of your hotel room. So, here are some things you need to note to get free upgrade.

Choose Your Time

It's not only about off season or peak season time, but you also need to watch about the time you’re requesting the upgrade. If the hotel is business type then it's likely full on weekdays, while hotel for vacation will depends on seasonality. Also, if you’re checking in at 2pm together with many other people, it would be difficult for the hotel to arrange it. Since there are people that needs to get their room as fast as possible and upgrading room during busy hour might leads to give the wrong room to wrong person.

Be Polite

Hotel teams are always trying their best to put a smile in their guests’ face even in a difficult situation. You can greet them with a smile and make the staff happy to assist you. A happy staff would increase your chance to get a free upgrade if you ask them politely.

Be Flexible About The Room

Don't close your chance of getting an upgrade by making specific details about your room preference. For example you have request that your room supposed to be a twin bed, high floor, smoking room with pool view. Hotel will arrange a room according to these requests before you arrive. However, an upgrade room with these details might be too much trouble and expose them to risk of not giving you the best. So, be flexible and get an upgrade!

Be a Loyal Guest

Become a frequent visitor of the hotel will make you well recognized. Give you an upgrade wouldn't be a problem. Especially hotel might have your data stored, so hotel knows your preferences.

Book Through LoyalGuest

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