Encouraging Direct Bookings

In early 2000, the introduction of online hotel booking greatly facilitated making reservations directly with hotels, bypassing travel agents and other middle men. Now,the early promise of greater yields with online direct booking has seen a sharp drop as third-party online booking services attract consumer attention with offers that hotels cannot match. LoyalGuest.com addresses this issue by offering independent hotels a means to attract direct bookings by giving hotels the ability to offer better benefits than third-party online services without diluting yields.

Consumer BookingChanging Consumer Prefrence

The explosive growth of online travel agencies (OTA) and Travel MetaSearch companies in recent years has caused a major shift in booking behavior from direct hotel official websites to third parties. Consumers are exposed to (and can easily compare) a far-greater range of benefits and rewards offered by different sources. The majority of consumers will prefer to book through one source, one that offers the best benefits, whether directly from a hotel or through third parties.

A Best Rate Guarantee is not enough

OTA and hotels have realized that offering best-rate guarantees is not effective without additional benefits. One of the most popular complementary benefits are loyalty-reward points that can be redeemed at hotels in other locations. However, most independent hotels can not provide this option, encouraging consumers to book through third parties, such as OTA, that allow customers to redeem their points at hotels.

Reward of their bookings can increase Repeat Booking

Loyalguest.com gives consumers reward points on every booking made directly from hotel official websites. These points can be redeemed at other LoyalGuest partner hotels across Asia. By managing the redemption of reward points among partner hotels, LoyalGuest gives consumers the benefits of loyalty programs, such as free room nights or discounted non-room products, while hotels enjoy the higher yields granted by direct bookings.

Guest Loyalty Membership Alliance

“Drive Direct Bookings Through Cross Promotions”

LoyalGuest.com unites independent hotels around the world together into one guest-loyalty program, providing professional hotel loyalty-program services and gaining members exponentially with effective marketing strategies, technology and automated CRM.

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