Travel Tips during Pregnancy (Baby Moon)

Expecting a baby takes a lot of preparation; baby clothes, stroller, baby cream, bed, cribs, toy and the list will keep going on and on. Therefore, going for vacation can help to make you relax. Also, couple can use that as time to reconnect and build the bond stronger before little one comes out.

So, here are some tips for your baby moon.

Go on 2nd Trimester

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, the best time to go is between 14 and 28 weeks of pregnancy. Morning sickness in first trimester wouldn’t make you feel comfortable going anywhere; while in the last trimester where the baby gets bigger, you’ll likely feel tired easily and the bumps might get in a way when you want to do activities. Also, there’s also possibility of early delivery.

Bring water wherever you go

According to American Pregnancy Association, a pregnant woman needs to stay hydrated more than average person to keep the amniotic fluid, enhance digestion and transporting the nutrients you eat to your baby. So, don’t forget to bring water bottle anywhere you go.

Check Out Medical Facilities

When you’re researching the locations, don’t forget to find out if they have medical facilities inside the hotel or near the area (just in case). If there are no medical facilities, try to note some nearby hospitals along with a number for contacting your OB.

Make the most of your time

After all baby moon is a vacation, so do everything you love with your partner. Swimming in the pool, walks on the beach, massages, going around and eat ice cream, enjoy the morning view from your hotel bedroom. Use the time to focus on each other and on the two of you as a couple. Strengthen the bond and foundation before the grand entrance of the baby will help you.

Stay within distance

As going on vacation normally something that happens few times in a year, no wonder people will plan for their vacation somewhere far from their home, going to another country or event continent. However, a long distance trip wouldn’t be comfortable since pregnant women get DVT (deep vein thrombosis) that causes pain and swelling in lower leg easily. Other thing is also pregnancy is sometimes unpredictable; stay within distance would be safer for you too.

It would be even better to visit the hotel you used to stay. As hotel has record of their loyal guest’s preferences, and that would easily help you make the most of your baby moon. Be a loyal guest and book your favourite hotel through to get extra rewards, service and competitive price all at once.

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