Tips on Using Hotel Loyalty Membership to Get More Benefit

Staying in a hotel with high frequency sometimes makes the bill bloated. Therefore, some hotels might offer a loyalty membership program. In general, the program involves points being exchanged for various discounts to a free stay. This means you can save costs significantly, especially if you order services repeatedly.

How to Get Benefits from Hotel Loyalty Membership

In simple terms, a membership loyalty program is a program designed to increase loyalty. Based on research from Cornell University, loyalty programs have been shown to increase bookings by up to 50percent. In this case, you only need to order hotel services directly via the hotel website to get a loyalty membership.

However, not all hotels offer membership loyalty programs. Thus, it is recommended that you seek detailed information. Meanwhile, the benefits offered might vary from one to another.

Tips to Get More Benefits

In general, the way to get membership loyalty programs tends to be simple. This means that anyone who orders hotel services has the opportunity to get a reward based on the frequency of bookings. So, how do you increase the benefits of direct loyalty membership?

Increase Order Frequency

We love special treatments! Whether it's a small hotel or a wide chain hotel, hotel records their guests. So, if you keep returning then the hotel will remember you and give you special treatment. This means that the more often you use hotel services, the greater the benefits of the membership loyalty program you will get.

Maintain the Connection

Hotel loyalty membership will form a long-term relationship between the hotel and customers. You can communicate your special needs with a hotel and the hotel can also give you a special price, not only for your stay but also for other occasions such as birthday party, wedding, social gathering and so on. So, the hotel can optimize their service and you can optimize the budget.

Understand the benefits offered

Have you get points at one hotel but can’t use it because you don’t visit it again? When people go for a vacation, each trip might differ from one to another. People might want to try different concepts or facilities or going to different places. However, these hotels people visit are not connected and therefore can’t get the benefit of the membership program. is a cross-selling hotel membership program that allows a traveler to exchange their points they got from one hotel to another hotel. So, the traveler can still enjoy the benefits of hotel membership regardless of the place, facilities, or concept they want. Join now, it’s free!

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