All You Need To Do Before Stay in a Hotel Room

As travel restriction has loosened up, it’s understandable that you’re planning a vacation. Perhaps you’re planning to go to a beautiful place, where the blue sky meets the blue sea, where you can take a deep breath of the ocean breeze, sand in toes while having a refreshing cocktail on hand. What a perfect vacation it would be! However, as you go for a vacation then you also need a room to stay. As it’s always nice to go on a vacation, we can’t forget about the danger Covid-19 can bring.

So, how to ensure that the hotel room you’re staying is safe enough?

Research the Hotel

Hotel will always put their new announcement, promotion, and news on their own official website. So, before make a booking, check if your desired hotel has any policy regarding Covid 19. It’s normally easy to find about Covid-19 regulation of a hotel, as hotels will put it at the front page of their website. If you’re still unsure you can call them and confirm about their safety protocols with hotel staff.

The Indonesian government also stipulates that tourism industry players must have a CHSE (Clean, Health, Safety, and Environment) certification. This CHSE certification serves as a guarantee to tourists and the public that the products and services provided meet the protocol.

Clean Yourself Before Exploring The Room

As the room has been confirmed its cleanliness, now it’s your turn to clean yourself and all of your belonging. During the trip you might have touched a lot of things in public places and so does your belonging; such as bags, jacket and luggage has been touched by numerous people. Disinfect your belonging is a wise act to prevent corona virus to entering your room.

Wash Your Hands

Everywhere and every time, people are emphasizing about how important it is to keep your hands clean, as it’s one of the main intermediary of how the virus are spreading. So, don’t forget to keep your hands clean.

Ventilate The Room

Open the window and let the room filled with the new fresh air. It can also release the airborne pathogens out of your room. WHO recommends 2 hours outside airflow before and after spaces are occupied consider running a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system at maximum.

So, that’s all the things you have to do before stay in a hotel. Also read our articles about “Essential Things to Prepare before Travelling Again” so you can travel with peace in mind or click here to subscribe to get more travel tips and information.

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