Essential Things to Prepare Before Travelling Again

After few months in quarantine at home you might feel bored and ready to travel again as many countries started to loosen up the restrictions and so many promotions out there. So, what should we prepare before go and travel in the New Normal period?

Healthy body

There’s no question that you can only go when you’re 100% ready not only mentally but also physically. Prepare your body and immune system by doing healthy lifestyle such as exercise, eat and drink healthy, enough sleep, and maintain the healthy lifestyle on regular basis. Therefore once you go out and travel, you’ll be less likely to get sick or tired easily.

Vitamin tablets

The outdoor activities always require more energy than at home. Though you are fit but there’s no guarantee that after few months at home your body can adapt outdoor activities well. Prepare some additional vitamins, so whenever you feel unwell then it will boost up your health and immune system.


Wearing face masks is really necessary. Some places even wouldn’t let you in if you happen to don’t wear one. Of course you don’t want to go far from your home just to find yourself refused to enter the place by the security. It’s important that you make sure both nose and mouth are covered. Either a disposable or cloth mask, don’t forget to bring some masks when you’re travelling so you change it regularly.

Hand Sanitizer

When you’re travelling you might be exposed to public facilities. So you might need to do things which require touching, such as when you take an elevator, open a door, buy something and exchange the money, or when you take public transportation. As you touch many things, remember to sanitize your hand after that.

Disinfectant Spray

It might be difficult if you’re travelling with kids. As they’re active and curious, and it’s hard to sanitize their hand after they touch something. Disinfectant spray would be handy and practical to use, so you can spray and disinfect the things surround them like in airplane cabin when they need to sit for quite long time. You might also want to clean the seat such as the head, arm rest, seatbelt buckle, remote, and monitor. It might sounds too much but better safe than sorry, right?

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